The first and only directory and database of student startup competitions

We’ve spent the last year developing the StudentVenture database and directory of business plan and startup competitions, bringing hundreds of events together in one convenient, affordable resource. 

Entrepreneurship among university students is booming like never before, and nowhere is that more evident than in the number of startup and business plan competitions taking place every single day on campuses across the country.

For entrepreneurship program managers, tech transfer professionals, deans, and others involved in student-focused innovation, keeping up on your own is virtually impossible. Yet it’s critical for your own programs and your students to have this information available to use for:

  • Providing students with a comprehensive view of competitions available, both regionally and nationally
  • Assessing the landscape of competitions so you can plan your own events with the least possible overlap with other events
  • Quickly and easily creating lists of upcoming competitions to use in student advisement, outreach and communication
  • Easily searching for student venture competitions, including details on submission and event dates, award dollars available, eligibility criteria, and technology focus areas

Here’s what you get with StudentVenture

When you subscribe to StudentVenture, you (and your students under a site license) gain instant access to a comprehensive, searchable database of student competitions across the country, with filters that allow you to sort by:

  • Application deadline
  • Event date
  • State and region
  • Or search by keyword

Simply click on any competition and you’ll find a summary including a brief description, application deadlines, prize amounts, and a link to the competition website. The site is regularly refreshed so you get the latest available information.

And as a subscriber, you can submit updates for your own program or new programs as you schedule them, helping you reach potential student participants nationwide.

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Plus, training and education resources you can share

Along with the directory listings, StudentVenture includes a valuable collection of how-to distance learning programs and articles that can be shared with your student entrepreneurs, along with a useful resources page with links to additional help and education.


From the leading provider of information for research commercialization professionals

StudentVenture is brought to you by Tech Transfer Central and its parent company 2Market Information Inc., publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics and University-Industry Engagement Advisor. For more than 15 years we have been the leading independent company providing practical guidance and critical resources for technology transfer and IP professionals, university entrepreneurship programs, and others deeply involved in research commercialization and university-based innovation activity.

Universities in the U.S., Canada, and across the globe rely on our publications, distance learning programs, and other resources to assist them in their efforts to enhance their innovation ecosystems, translate discoveries into the commercial marketplace, build academic-corporate partnerships, launch university-based start-ups, and create economic development progress through university-based innovation activity.


Big benefits, low price

The StudentVenture database of student startup and business plan competitions is a low-priced subscription – starting at just $249 for a full year of access, with the option for a site license that’s priced on a sliding scale based on the number of students you wish to share the database with.

This one-of-a kind directory, simply put, will make your job easier while helping you better support your student entrepreneurs:

  • Save time by having competitions all in one place – no more time wasted searching and compiling
  • Better plan your own competitions to prevent scheduling conflicts with other events
  • Easily create lists of events for e-mail outreach to students
  • Stay up to date on student competition activity
  • With the site license option, allow all your student innovators to access the database to do their own planning and choose the competitions that are right for them

Save loads of time while better supporting student entrepreneurs

Rather than spending hours searching and compiling the available student pitching events yourself, we’ve done all the work for you – and you get not only complete online access to the database, but you also have the option to share the directory with all your student entrepreneurs under our site license subscription option.

It’s a huge value-add for any entrepreneurship program, allowing your students to quickly and easily compare available competitions and plot their next move.   

Free Trial

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    Multi-user accounts give you the ability to provide students and others on your campus with access to StudentVenture and manage your organization’s users. You can add them one at a time or in bulk or you can just send us a list of names and email addresses and we will import them for you. Users will receive a welcome message with access information.

    Individual User

    One year of access for one user to competition search, articles, streaming videos, and resources.


    Up to 100 Users

    One year of access for 100 users to competition search, articles, streaming videos, and resources.


    Up to 300 Users

    One year of access for 300 users to competition search, articles, streaming videos, and resources.


    300+ Users

    BEST DEAL! One year of access for unlimited users to competition search, articles, videos, and resources.


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If StudentVenture helps just one of your students win a prize, attract an early investor, make a key contact, or simply gain the experience of competing, it’ll be well worth the modest subscription fee. And you’ll be thrilled to have the extra time saved by having StudentVenture at your fingertips

    But if you’re not satisfied with StudentVenture, just let us know and we’ll immediately issue a complete refund of the purchase price. There’s no risk, and plenty to gain in terms of time savings and improved support for your student innovators.

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